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Your project is our goal

Information and know-how in the IT business are in the today's time more importantly than ever. With the right project planning and the insertion oriented to strength of your internal resources you can simplify working processes. Java-Tec stands advisory to you in all questions of the agile software development and project guidance and competent aside.


Our specialties

Competence & Experience

Use the professional knowledge and the project experience of Java-Tec to intercept peak loads in the development. Java-Tec is specified in the implementing of Java SE / EE interfaces-, web-, rich- and CMS solutions.

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From project support to consulting.

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Get an overview about contented customers.

Quality & Lastingness

It is important to us that you benefit from the expertise that Java Tec offers.
The production of source code after solid defaults (briefly: Coding conventions) are decisive for the qualitative success of your project. A well thought-out and structured guideline leads to save time and an improved software quality.


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Private customers

our services

Quick, flexibly, competently! Now also for private households.

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our contact dates

Do you have questions or suggestions all around Java-Tec?

We are there for you

... for companies

we offer support in the general software development of the concept and software architecture up to the release deployment.

... for private customers

we support your problems of your IT (PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone) and advise you also gladly, if you want a high-performance solution if necessary new purchase soloutions.